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Landscape Construction

At Colcord's Creative Outdoor Solutions we pride ourselves on providing creative landscaping solutions.

All homes and properties face challenges when it comes to using outdoor space. Your home may have overgrown or outdated landscaping. Maybe you could use a new patio or retaining wall. Perhaps drainage problems plague your lawn. While solving these site conditions, you must consider your property as a whole and consider how you can make the best use of your outdoor living space, given your family's needs and tastes.

For instance, your children may want a swing set or their own children's garden in a few years. Perhaps you have pets that need an area to romp and play. You may want to install a hot tub or pool in time. Perhaps you have always wanted to use that sunny spot for an herb or vegetable garden. Or you may prefer a low-maintenance landscape that you can simply enjoy.

At Colcord's Creative Outdoor Solutions, our landscaping philosophy is to first develop a Master Plan for each client. Colcord's Creative Outdoor Solutions has affiliation with some of the best designers in the Seacoast. We will then work with the client to determine what elements of the Master Plan they want Colcord's Creative Outdoor Solutions to install and which aspects they wish to do themselves. We then phase in each element of the Master Plan over time, as discussed below.

The designers study your property and talk to you about your ideas, interests, and use of your property. We consider all aspects of your landscape and your lifestyle in order to deliver a Master Plan that works perfectly for you and your family, meeting all of your needs. Because we expertly install landscaping, pavers and stone, water gardens, outdoor lighting and irrigation systems, we bring a complete package to your home, combining the best of planning and installation.

While it is important to develop a comprehensive Master Plan, it can be overwhelming to consider the scope and investment involved in landscaping your entire property all at once. Recognizing this, Colcord's Creative Outdoor Solutions, will advise you on phasing options. For instance, you may wish to plant trees this fall, landscape your front yard in the spring, and wait until next fall to install your back patio and surrounding gardens.

The custom look achieved with hardscapes and pavers can completely transform a home or business, as well as add considerable value and tremendous enjoyment to your property. At Colcord's Creative Outdoor Solutions, we create custom hardscapes using paver bricks, stone, slate, and custom concrete materials. We work with you to design hardscapes with a texture, color, and style that will complement your home and gardens.

Whether you are interested in a paver brick walkway, slate patio, or timber retaining wall, Colcord's Creative Outdoor Solutions can design hardscapes to coordinate with your total landscape design.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, our materials are properly installed to stand the test of time and the change of seasons, weathering harsh winter cold and scorching summer sun.

Grill and Patio Center Installations

Colcord's Creative Outdoor Solutions currently has available grill center by Simply Outdoorz. One of the fastest growing segments of outdoor living is the addition of the custom grill centers. This will not only add value to your home but give you lasting pleasure. Your grilling will be done in a spacious and almost kitchen like atmosphere. This is a complete made to order grill center with custom exterior decided on by you and installed by Colcord's Creative Outdoor Solutions.

12-Volt Outdoor Lighting

Photo Courtesy of: INTEGRA Works Inc ©2008
Photo Courtesy of: INTEGRA Works Inc ©2008
Colcord's Creative Outdoor Solution has lighting installation and design services available. Outdoor lighting allows you to Increase the safety, security and value of your property. With proper design and installation you will boost the evening beauty and visual appeal of your landscape. Proper lighting will help Extend the time spent for outdoor activities like dining and entertainment long after the night falls. Lighting will also allow you to realize the ultimate potential of you home and personal living space.

Available in 2008 is lighting maintenance and service contracts. Call or e-mail for details.

Irrigation Systems

For many people, effective irrigation systems are an easy and affordable way to properly water plant materials and lawns. At Colcord's Creative Outdoor Solutions, we can design simple or complex systems to keep your grass and gardens healthy and protect your investment in your landscape. Our systems are effective because we ask the right questions, do the math, and plan watering zones before we start digging. We calculate (and we mean calculate) critical factors, such as: What is the size of the water main entering your house?
  • How much water pressure do you have and how much does it vary?
  • How many sprinkler heads will work, given your water supply and pressure?
  • How many watering zones can your water pressure and supply support?
  • What are the various needs of your landscape materials?

Do not go through the trouble and mess of installing an irrigation system that cannot get water to your lawn and gardens. If you are considering an irrigation system, do it right the first time with Colcord's Creative Outdoor Solutions

Brick Walkways & Patios

At Colcord's Creative Outdoor Solutions we work to provide the best workmanship when it comes to any of the hardscaping services available. All brick walkways and patios will be excavated to a minimum depth of 6"-8" below the final intended grade. An 4"-6" sub-base of crusher run gravel will be installed and compacted every 2" with a vibrating compactor. Temporary screeds or forms are set up to reflect the layout and pitch of the walk or patio. A 1" layer of stone dust is then screeded or leveled over the screeds. This becomes the paver bedding course on which the pavers are to be laid. Any brick cuts necessary to complete the chosen pattern will then be made. Edging restraints will then be installed to retain all exposed edges. Sand or stone dust is used to grout the spaces between the pavers. The plate compactor is used once again to compact the pavers into the bedding course. This procedure is the recommended method of installation by all the various paver manufacturers and should not be deviated from in methods and materials. Any such deviation is incorrect and is considered to be a shortcut, which will inevitably result in an inferior end product after successive years of freeze thaw cycles.

Paver Patios, Walkways and Driveway After Care

All efforts should continued to be made to help your investments stand up to the test of time. Most installation come with some limited warranties or guarantees for workmanship and some for product as well. Those warranties and guarantees run out but it shouldn't mean that the areas are maintenance free. The alternative of not maintaining these installations can be costly and unsightly. It continues to be important to take care of your investment and don't wait until a small washout become and issue, the oil stains on the driveway or the wine stain on the patio aggravate you every time you look at them. Have Creative Outdoor Solutions come out and propose a solution to clean the mess or fix the failure. There are several great products out in the market that can make that driveway or patio look like new or even give it a little shine. COS uses a complete line of Techni Seal product to service and maintain all manufactures pavers. Go on the Techni-Seal web site to view available product options

Wall Constructions/Stone Step Systems

At Colcord's Creative Outdoor Solutions we work to be provide the best workmanship when it comes to any of the hardscaping services available. All walls and steps will be constructed on a 6" crushed stone base gravel. Walls exceeding 24" in height will have washed stone backfill to relieve water pressure. All walls will have a filter fabric wrap on the inside face to prevent soil erosion. All walls will be battered back (setback) to account for soil pressure (except for those wall systems designed to go straight up and not to any height greater that 2'). Drainage and possible engineered wall system may need to be considered for walls 4' or higher do to varying degrees of hydraulic pressure.

Bed Preparations and Installation of Plant Material

At Colcord's Creative Outdoor Solutions we work to provide the best workmanship when it comes to any of the landscaping services available. All planting beds will have soil conditioners added before the plants are installed. Soil conditioning will be accomplished by rototilling organic material into the existing soil along with any topsoil that may be required to achieve the necessary elevations. Weed block may be considered as an option to try and help limit weeds. Weeding beds and gardens must be considered as becoming part of the maintenance of the beds upon completion of the installation of all flower and vegetable areas.

We ask all our perspective customers to consider these procedural issues when making contractor evaluations. We believe in doing top quality work and doing it the right way the first time. Our extensive experience has taught us what works and what does not work in the field relative to this area of the country. Our price reflects what we think it will take to do a top quality job on your landscape project. We have compared our services to the competitions and we feel we have priced our projects fairly and in accordance with our higher standards.

Sport Courts and Gaming area installations

Multi Purpose Courts Basketball & Tennis Courts Volleyball Courts Ice Rinks

Creative Outdoor Solutions has available gaming surface installations by the leading manufacture in the industry Snap Sports . The wide variety of gaming surfaces courts and batting cages are distributed be All Courts Unlimited LLC. Also available for design and installation are volleyball courts, bocce ball, horseshoe pits, tetherball etc. You can request professional type court installations or a slightly scaled back version. Details can be discussed upon request.

Playground Equipment and Site Preparation

Colcord's Creative Outdoor Solutions is happy to have aligned itself with the NH distributor/retailer for Backyard Adventure Specialty Play Sets. This is one of the safest and best built swings and play set combinations in the industry. Site preparation prior to installation can ensure maximum safety for you children. Various site preparations options are available.


Fencing Colcord's Creative Outdoor Solutions has partnered with some of the leading fence installers and retailers in NH. Available are Custom Cedar Fence, Vinyl (PVC) Plastic Fencing, Chain Link, Security Fence, Post and Rail, Pool Enclosures, Decorative Iron Fencing, Privacy Slats for Chain Link, Gates, etc. Some of the top brands in the industry are represented by aligned dealers and distributors. Helping the customer design the perfect fence for their home at an affordable price is our goal.

Sheds/Gazebo's /Furniture / Deck and Lawn Accessories

Colcord's Creative Outdoor Solutions is a dealer for Rustic Natural Cedar Furniture Company. Also available are custom built gazebo's and shed from local artisans. Pick up, set up and site preparation of lawn accessories, fountains, furniture etc, can be discussed and arranged.

Water Features

Water Features Colcord's Creative Outdoor Solutions has a water feature ready to be designed and installed for anyone who wants the relaxing sound and beauty in their backyard living space. Water Gardening is one of the fastest growing segments in the landscape industry. Imagine beautiful cascading water greeting your ears as you enter your outdoor living space. The outside oasis can be created can be made simple or extravagant. It is your vision that should be the solution. No one water feature is alike another. There are some location consideration but ask first before you think an area you want may not be suited.

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